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Solo albums:


  • Rags (1981, LP, Arc Records, UK)

  • The Golddiggers (1983, LP, Recommended Records, UK) – original soundtrack to the film The Gold Diggers by Sally Potter

  • Music for Other Occasions (1986, LP, No Man's Land, Germany)

  • Oh Moscow (1991, CD, Victo Records, Canada)

  • An Angel on the Bridge (1991, CD, Phonogram/Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Australia)

  • Schroedinger's Cat (1991, CD, Line/Femme Music, Germany)

  • Sahara Dust (1993, CD, Intakt Records, Switzerland)

  • A View from the Bridge (1998, 2xCD, Impetus Records, UK)


Band albums:


With Mike Oldfield

  • Hergest Ridge (1974, LP, Virgin Records, UK)


With Egg

  • The Civil Surface (1974, LP, Caroline Records, UK)


With Henry Cow

  • Unrest (1974, LP, Virgin Records, UK)

  • Henry Cow Concerts (1976, 2xLP, Caroline Records, UK)

  • Western Culture (1979, LP, Broadcast, UK)

  • The 40th Anniversary Henry Cow Box Set (2009, 9xCD+DVD, Recommended Records, UK)


With Slapp Happy/Henry Cow

  • Desperate Straights (1975, LP, Virgin Records, UK)

  • In Praise of Learning (1975, LP, Virgin Records, UK)


With Comus

  • To Keep from Crying (1974, LP, Virgin Records, UK) – recorded after Cooper left the group, with her appearing as a guest


With Steve Hillage

  • Fish Rising (1975, LP, Virgin Records, UK)


With Hatfield and the North

  • The Rotters' Club (1975, LP, Virgin Records, UK)


With Art Bears

  • Hopes and Fears (1978, LP, Recommended Records, UK)


With Mike Westbrook

  • The Cortège (1982, 3xLP, Original Records, UK)

  • Westbrook-Rossini (1987, 2xLP, Hat Hut Records, Switzerland)

  • Westbrook Rossini Zürich Live (1994, 2xCD, Hat Hut Records, Switzerland)


With Chris Cutler, Bill Gilonis, Tim Hodgkinson and Robert Wyatt

  • The Last Nightingale (1984, LP, Recommended Records, UK)


With News from Babel

  • Work Resumed on the Tower (1984, LP, Recommended Records, UK)

  • Letters Home (1986, LP, Recommended Records, UK)


With David Thomas and the Pedestrians

  • Winter Comes Home (1983, LP, Recommended Records, UK)

  • Variations on a Theme (1983, LP, Rough Trade Records, UK)

  • More Places Forever (1985, LP, Rough Trade Records, UK)


With Maggie Nicols and Joëlle Léandre

  • Live at the Bastille (1982) (1984, LP, Recommended Records, UK)


With Catherine Jauniaux and Tim Hodgkinson

  • Fluvial (1984, LP, Woof Records, UK)


With Dagmar Krause

  • Tank Battles: The Songs of Hanns Eisler (1988, LP, Island Records, UK)

  • Panzerschlacht: Die Lieder von Hanns Eisler (1988, LP, Island Records, UK)


With Anthony Phillips and Harry Williamson

  • Tarka (1988, CD, Baillemont Records, France)


With John Wolf Brennan

  • Creative Works Orchestra: Live in Willisau & More (1991, CD, Creative Works Records, Switzerland)

  • I.N.I.T.I.A.L.S.: Sources Along the Songlines (2005, CD, Creative Works Records, Switzerland)


With David Motion and Sally Potter

  • Orlando (1993, CD, Varese Sarabande, U.S.) – original soundtrack to the film Orlando by Sally Potter


With Trio Trabant a Roma

  • State of Volgograd (1994, CD, Free Music Production, Germany)


With Tim Hodgkinson

  • Each in Our Own Thoughts (1994, CD, Woof Records, UK)


With Charles Gray

  • Pia Mater (1997, CD, Resurgence, UK)


With Rova Saxophone Quartet

  • Bingo (1998, CD, Victo Records, Canada)

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